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Leading the way in extruded plastics

There is an Ampa Plastics product for almost every application and different products can be chosen or adapted to enhance desired characteristics such as chemical or impact resistance.

What we offer

Why choose Ampa Plastics Products?

Ampa Plastics is South Africa’s leading supplier of a wide range of thermoplastic materials and branded products that are used in a variety of different industries ranging from mining, farming and printing, to the automotive industries.

Regardless of the polymer Ampa Plastics will create a mix to suite your requirements.

All plastics are made according to ISO standards and are available in a range of standard sizes, thickness and colours. Alternatively, all plastics can be manufactured to order for nonstandard sizes.

Affiliated with

  • Modek
  • Ampaflex
  • Cool Seal
  • About us

    Ampa Group was founded in 1973 and has gained a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

    As a manufacturer of specialised plastics to various industries, as well as an importer,

    Ampa Group comprises of Ampa Plastics, Modek, Ampaflex and CoolSeal.

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