What we offer

Ampa Plastics was the first plastics manufacturer in South Africa to successfully extrude twin-wall polypropylene,
which it sells under the brand names Coruplas® and Coruprint®.

Coruplas® twin-wall polypropylene is a plastic alternative to the traditional corrugated cardboard and paper products used for applications such as packaging and solar panels. Coruprint® is an adapted form of twin-wall polypropylene that has been modified to create a superior flat surface for printing.

Key features of twin-wall polypropylene
  • - Low-cost
  • - Lightweight yet rigid and shatterproof
  • - Resistant to flex fatigue
  • - Waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use (with appropriate support)
  • - Suitable for use with food
  • - Resistant to grease and many other chemicals
  • - Good acoustic and thermal properties
  • - Can be die-cut, guillotined, shaped, stapled,creased and
       ultrasonically welded
  • - Can be recycled
  • - Can be produced in a coil
Applications of Coruplas®
  • - Packaging (eg lightweight boxes, box dividers and antiscuff sheets
       between layers of packaged brick and tiles)
  • - Solar panels (using specially formulated raw material)
  • - Construction (eg protection for floors and pillars during construction)
Applications of Coruprint®
  • - Signage (eg screenprinted indoor and outdoor posters, containers for
       point-of-sale products and promotional flyers)
  • - Printed packaging products (eg lightweight boxes, box dividers and
       anti-scuff sheets between layers of packaged brick and tiles)