What we offer

Ampagard® is the Ampa Plastics brand name for polycarbonate extruded sheet.

Ampagard® is extruded from a UV-stabilised polycarbonate resin into rigid flat sheets. (Profiled polycarbonate sheets are available from Ampa Plastics’ sister company, Modek).These sheets are co-extruded with a UV-protective layer to make them suitable for applications in South Africa’s often harsh climatic conditions. Ampagard® is a very clear plastic and serves as a viable alternative to glass.

Key features of Ampagard®
  • - Highly transparent
  • - Glossy surface finish
  • - Very strong - about 250 times more resistant to impact than glass
  • - Half the weight of glass products of similar thickness
  • - Resistant to UV and other outdoor weathering conditions
  • - Good electrical insulator
  • - Easy to print on, paint on, bond and glue
  • - Sterilisable, making it suitable for medical applications
  • - Free of odour and taste, making it suitable for food applications
  • - Highly refractive (refractive index = 1.58)
  • - Easy to bend, curve and cut on site
  • - Flame retardant - it burns slowly and is self-extinguishing
  • - Sound-reduction properties are similar to glass
Applications of Ampagard®
  • - General structures (eg bus shelters, telephone booths and canopies)
  • - Technical equipment (eg photographic equipment, audio equipment,
       security equipment, mechanical engineering designs, electronics, CDs
  • - Architectural fittings (eg roofing, skylights and walkway covers)
  • - Safety equipment (eg protective eyewear, motorcycle windshields and visors,
       riot shields and visors)
  • - Household (eg appliances)
  • - Industrial (eg glazing, aircraft interiors, viewing panels in vending machines)
  • - Medical (eg incubators)
  • - Retail (eg food packaging, backlit signs)


   Examples of AMPAGARD applications;

   Personal protective equipment