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Leading the way in extruded plastics

There is an Ampa Plastics prodcut for almost every application and different products can be chosen or adapted to enhance desired characteristics such as chemical or impact resistance.

About Us

Ampaglas South Africa was founded in 1973 and gained a solid reputation for quality and reliability, as a manufacturer of specialised plastics to various industries.

Ampa Plastics Group comprises of Ampa Plastics, Modek, Ampaflex and Coolseal.

How Ampa Group started

In the early 1970’s, the material for the inner liners of refrigerators and freezers was imported by Fuchsware and Barlows for the white goods they were manufacturing. The production manager at the time, Mr Tony Piovesan, saw an opportunity to set up a local extrusion facility. He sourced the equipment in Italy and a already established Ampaglas Italy became the majority shareholder in the Ampaglas South African operation and partners with the Piovesan family.

Later in the 1970’s Credit Suisse took over Genfin Anstaldt in Europe. This consisted of a number of companies in Europe including Ampaglas Italy which had the majority shareholding in the South African operation. In 1978 Ray Crewe-Brown was appointed the General Manager of Ampaglas South Africa, in 1982 the company was acquired by Murray & Roberts and became the principal company in their plastics division and continued to be headed by Ray Crewe-Brown.

In 1992 Murray & Roberts sold the company to a management team headed by Colin Coetzee.

In 1997 Ampaglas as it was known merged with a company called MODEK resulting in Ampaglas extruding only flat sheets while Modek producing GRP and Polycarbonate profiled sheets. Over some years, the Modek and Ampaglas branches and facilities were merged.

Ampaglas went through another management buy-out by a new team of managers in 2010 resulting in the company being restructured and launched as Ampaglas Plastics Group with two divisions ie Ampa Plastics and Modek.

In 2014 Investec Bank finalised a deal with Trevor Zulberg to come in as the new CEO and help reconstruct the business as it was going through tough times. Unfortunately towards the end of 2016 Ampa Group was forced to liquidate due to various economic and operational reasons.

In 2017 Trevor Zulberg formed a new company which acquired all the Ampa Group assets out of liquidation as well as all the IP and name and the business was re launched and restructured as the new Ampa Plastics Group as it is known today. Today Ampa Plastics is recognised as South Africa’s foremost manufacturer and of specialised plastic supplied to various industries.

Ampa Plastics operates across major industry sectors within and beyond the borders of South Africa. Through an efficient and effective distribution network the company is able to provide a diverse range of extruded polymers. Ampa Plastics is committed to equality and an employment equity program that is in line with the dynamics of South Africa’s social environment.

Ampa plastics is focused on skills development and human capital investment.

Ampa Plastics Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer.